Let’s Chat “Collagen”

Over the past few years we’ve seen a huge rise in popularity of Collagen products on the market. If you’re following and keeping up on social media then you’re bound to have seen advertisments promoting a few of the major Collagen brands; people boasting about hair growth, nail growth and glowing, youthful skin. BUT it’s hard to know who and to what brand to put your trust in, especially when most get paid to promote each brand. So I’ve taken it upon myself to test ALL the major products on the market and report back to you all to make sure you can make informed and unbiased purchases, while also finding a product that can fit within your monthly budget, because lets be real, some of the collagen products out their are expensive! So lets get started, you should know why I’m so invested in these inner beauty products. This journey has ben two years in the making as I’ve worked my way through these products so I finally can’t wait to share what I’ve found.

My Story

So heres a little bit of a back story and my personal collagen journey. I started using collagen almost two years ago. At that time there was really only one dominating collagen product on the market and it cost an absolute “arm n’ a leg” (I still bought it though). I had only just started learning about healing my body from the inside out after suffering from severe adult acne, hormonal imbalance and gut health issues. These ailments essentially lead me to want to learn more about how I could repair my body without having to continually fork out money on expensive skincare and facials that only made my skin appearance worse! I would hide from the world, really only going out if I had to go to work; being a flight attendant didn’t help this at all! My confidence and self worth was at an all time low. Doctors would tell me that it was “just life” and I would just have to “live with it”, but me being as stubborn as I am refused to accept something as “just life” so I started trying to figure out what was going on inside my body. I’m now at a place where I feel I can confidently share with you all what I’ve found out!

What is Collagen?

SO, without getting too scientific let me quickly break down what Collagen is and why our bodies benefit from it. Its important to know what products are going into our bodies so before you start taking something understand what it is first! Collagen is a protein found within the body. It is basically the glue that holds most things in our body together. Its found in the skin, bones, muscles, tendons, blood vessels and teeth; literally everywhere! There are so many different types of collagen found within your body so I won’t bore you with the details but as we age we start producing less and lower quality collagen which is why as we get older things start to go south! We can help our body to produce more collagen by making sure we provide it with Vitamin C, Proline (egg whites, dairy, asparagus, mushrooms), Glycine (pork & chicken skin and other protein dense foods) and Copper (cashew nuts, lentils, cocoa powder and sesame seeds). While also avoiding things that destroy collagen like refined sugar, harsh sunlight and smoking.

With all that out of the way we arrive at our collagen supplements. Basically what these supplements have done for us is broken down the large protein into hydrolysed collagen which makes it easy for our bodies to absorb . FULL DISCLOSURE there aren’t many studies done on the benefits of collagen but the few studies that have been conducted have shown improvement in muscle mass, bone density and skin elasticity; plus I still have my results to share.

Bovine VS Marine

You’re also going to hear the terms “Bovine Collagen” and “Marine Collagen” being tossed around a lot too. Again I don’t want to drag this out and make it overly complicated so all you need to know is that Bovine comes from a cow and Marine comes from fish; both are similar except that the marine collagen is slightly easier for the body to absorb. You’re going to benefit from both types either way and if my results are anything to go by I too have benefited from both types. However, this may be important to know if you don’t wish to consume animal and fish products. But don’t worry because I’ve also included an amazing product that doesn’t contain either and is amazing for you gut health and skin!


Before I get into the details I want you all to know that, all of these products worked for me in some way or another, however what we want is a quality product that works and for as cheap as possible; which you’ll be pleased to know I’ve found. It’s so important to use products like these consistently for at least two months, which is when I started seeing the physical results. It is also important to understand how your lifestyle works with these products. If you’re diet consists of saturated fats and refined sugar then you may not see the results you’re hoping for. Its like working out every day and going to Mc Donald’s afterward. You’ll be wasting your money! So here we go, everything from your top shelf collagen to your everyday supermarket brands!

The Wholesome Co.
Hormone Beauty Collagen Berry & Original


Cost : $64.95

30 serves


Marine Collagen Peptides, freeze dried strawberry powder, freeze dried blueberry powder, freeze dried pineapple powder, camu camu powder, lucuma ,slippery elm, passionflower, horsetail 

My Review

This is the one product that made such a noticeable difference on my appearance, after two months of use I noticed a huge improvement in my skin! It focuses on improving your hormones and gut health which essentially impacts the appearance of everything else, determining your overall wellness. Overall my favourite product and is currently the product I use daily.

You’ll also notice the ingredients differ greatly from the others, completely natural and naturally sweetened which is why you won’t get an overly sweet taste from this product. Investing in this monthly won’t break the bank, you’ll be supporting a local brand and product as well as making an investment into the health of your hormones and gut and everything else that comes from that.

Hair – Some people get a little bit worried and think that by taking collagen you’ll grow hair everywhere! This definitely hasn’t been the case. My results have been thicker and stronger hair, and faster growth on my head. Also new hair growth around my hair line, or in other words more baby hairs!

Nails – I don’t seem to worry too much about my nails and I think maybe this aspect is more for people who like getting their nails done often and who want stronger and healthier nails. Which is exactly what you’ll get with this product. My nails break so often at work but I barely notice because of how fast they actually grow back!

Skin – This was the only result I cared about. My skin! The only collagen product that has helped clear up my skin. I haven’t had pimple free skin in probably two years. I feel comfortable enough to go to work without a drop of makeup on! I put this down to the natural, nourishing ingredients and the promotion of gut health and the marine collagen. This product definitely does a good job of cleaning up your insides.

Hormones – This is my favourite part about this product. Just like it helps your gut health it also uses ingredients that naturally balance out your hormones, which can be another cause of acne! Just feeling like you’re balanced and healthy is what you’ll experience while taking this type of collagen which is why its my FAVOURITE!


Renew+ Marine Collagen with Detox Pineapple


Cost : $129.95

30 Serves

INGREDIENTS (each 10g scoop contains)
Hydrolysed Marine Collagen with Elastin 6000mg, Zeolite (Volcanic Detox) 2000mg, Vitamin C 1000mg, Bromelain 50mg
Also contains: Citric Acid, Natural Flavour, Stevia Leaf Extract

My Review

This is definitely the heavy hitter of the group in terms of the quality and amount of collagen it contains per serving BUT its also reflected in the price! You’d all be pretty familiar with this product as its the most heavily marketed product by influencers on social media. I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone who wants to focus on their hair, nails and creating a dewy appearance to their skin . Also, if taste is a big deal to you this product is by far the nicest flavoured drink, it is also the sweetest one out of all the products, as it does contain stevia, so you can decide whether thats something you’d be happy to incorporate into your diet! I saw results in the first two months of use so make sure you have the budget to maintain use.

Hair – The collagen products really have great results on my hair. This was the first collagen product I began using and I had a lot of new growth, thicker, longer and healthier hair.

Nails – Once again nails isn’t something I keep track of but I received the same results as I did as all if the products. Great for people who are regularly getting their nails done.

Skin – Jeuneora does an amazing job at giving you a natural healthy glow. However it didn’t have much impact on my acne at the time! I had very harsh hormonal acne so this may not have been the product my skin needed.


Nature’s Way
Inner Glow & Beauty Collagen

Details (Inner Glow)

Cost: $23.99


Inulin, Hydrolysed collagen (27.6%), Coconut water powder(20%), Flavour, Aloe Vera powder(1%), Phycocyanin (blue spirulina) powder(1%), Citric acid, Silicon dioxide, Guava extract powder (0.3%), Acerola extract powder(0.27%), Thaumatin.

Details (Beauty Collagen)

Cost: $22.99


Collagen Hydrolysed (Verisol™) 50%, Inulin, Polydextrose, Acerola Juice Powder 1.5%, Pomegranate Juice Powder, Natural colour (E162)

My Review

I think in regards to these products, I’ll use the term “you get what you pay for” I can’t say that I saw noticeable results BUT if you are really wanting to incorporate an entry level type collagen and this is what is best for your budget then I’d say go for it! It isn’t going to hurt boosting your daily wellness with a product like this. I bought both from the Chemist Warehouse.

Sarah’s Day
Body Bloom


Cost: $69.84 (not including shipping)


Prebiotic & Probiotic Blend

Green Banana Resistant Starch Powder*, Jerusalem Artichoke Inulin Powder*, Fermented Blend* (Mung Beans, Brown Rice, Red Lentils, Chick Peas, Flaxseed, Millet & Quinoa – Agave added for the fermentation process), Saccharomyces Boulardii, Guar Gum*

Skin Enhancement Blend

Beetroot Juice Powder*, Australian Cherry Powder, Grapeseed Extract Powder, Sea Buckthorn Juice Powder*, Amla Fruit Powder*, Lemon Juice Powder, Turmeric*, Ceylon Cinnamon* MSM Pure Organic Sulphur (Methylsulfonylmethane), Rosemary Extract Powder

Natural Berry Flavour, Stevia Leaf Extract

My Review

Now this product is in an entire category of its own. This is the vegan friendly product that I absolutely L-O-V-E. I definitely would have continued use if it was more accessible and if I hadn’t of found a collagen product from New Zealand that I love just as much. This is the product that lead me down the path of understanding how to heal from the inside out and how important gut health is to our entire wellbeing, it also helped me to get started on healing and clearing up my skin. It is an absolute gut buster, health wise that is, just take a look at those ingredients. This product will get your gut into tiptop shape which is really going to help with the appearance of your skin and clearing up any other issues you have with your skin.

You really have to be on to it when ordering this product. Sarah’s Day does limited stock releases so if you’re going to use this and like any other product you have to use it everyday for a resealable amount of time this is going to be harder with limited stock and shipping. I would recommend this product to anyone who doesn’t want to consume Bovine or Marine collagen and is looking for a quality product to help with gut health! It has all the ingredients to help the production of collagen within your own body!


Dose & Co
Beauty Blend, Citrus Collagen Powder


Cost: $84.90


Marine Collagen (84%), Natural Lemon Flavour, Natural Sweetener (Monk Fruit Extract), Probiotic Culture (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30 6086), Vitamin (Biotin). CONTAINS FISH

My Review

Out of all the products this is definitely the easiest to get your hands on! They ship almost the very next day and is available in some stores. I absolutely see a difference in my skin and hair. It has a very subtle sweetness, they use fruit to sweeten rather then sweetener. It specifically targets hair, skin and nails and is also meant to help with gut health too.

Hair – At the start of testing this product I had cut my hair from waist length to shoulder length! Such a huge change! But seriously, the growth rate is insanely FAST! My hair is thicker too with baby hairs sprouting all over!

Nails – Strong, and rapid growing nails.

Skin – This product surprised me. Maybe its because I keep my expectations low when a product says it can help skin because I know how difficult my skin can be. Definitely not as effective as The Wholesome Co, but it gives you a nice glow like Jeuneora. I’m also not getting as many pimples as I used to get.

So what product to buy?

So thats, THAT! Two years, thats taken me, to gather all the evidence to deliver you the best products at the best price point to help heal yourselves from the inside, out. First of all regardless of what product you choose its going to be beneficial for you. I believe in good quality products and supporting local businesses, but hey, I get that we also need to shop within our means and for some a $130 bottle of collagen just isn’t doable, it isn’t for me either!

Which is why, I choose to use The Wholesome co Hormone Beauty Collagen. I also highly recommend this to all you readers too. Not only is it the most affordable collagen product that I’ve tested but its also the product that I saw the most impactful results, especially in regards to my skin. I love that the ingredients are all natural and nourishing for the gut, hormones and overall health. The reason why I love and use this product everyday is because I thought the answer to fixing all my skin issues was a boost in collagen, layering a bandaid on top of my acne, but what I really needed was a product to unpack years of confusion and searching to help me understand that our bodies are complex and things like my acne are caused by a deeper issue! Most likely it’ll come down to our hormones and gut health!

There are so many other ways that we can support our bodies health, but sometimes you need products like these to help you along on your journey. So I hope this helps you when trying to figure out what brand you should settle on.

Enjoy xx


  1. This was so helpful, I have been torn in which to get and it has definitely given me more insight into what is out there.

    Thank you so much, amazing work and love your blogs 🌸


  2. Thank you so much for this review! I’m currently using the Wholesome&co hormone beauty collagen and I’ve been noticing great results with my skin. It even gives you a bit of a glow.


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