Valentines Day Glam Camping

Trust me, you seriously don’t need any excuse to visit the “Canvas Hut”. It just so happened that my excuse was a beautiful Valentines Day Surprise!

I was definitely spoilt this Valentines Day and I’m always ready, willing and able to spend a night away at one of the Canopy Camping sites. We recently discovered another little gem tucked away in the sleepy, rural suburb of Pukekohe. So if you’re looking for another opportunity to explore and appreciate your own back yard; and I mean that quite literally, because this spot is only a 40 minute drive from Auckland City and closer if you live in the suburbs, this should take top priority on your list. We’ve frequented all of the Canopy Camping sites in Auckland and this is now, officially my favourite glam camping site in Auckland by far. Its one of the newer sites, so you can trust they’ve really gone the extra mile to deck this tent out with the craziest features, from a flushing toilet IN A TENT to a fire place for cosy winter escapes, I seriously can’t wait for you all to see this place for yourselves.

The Canvas Hut will transport you to complete seclusion and relaxation (without having to travel too far). Thats what makes this place so magical the complete illusion of being far away from the rest of the world. YES, their is still reception at this site, unlike the other two Canopy Camp sites I’ve written about before that have limited to no reception however there aren’t any power plugs, only a single USB port. So use the opportunity to disconnect from technology and reconnect with your loved one and nature.

Here are the Highlights

The Canvas Hut

It wouldn’t be a Canopy Camping site if it didn’t have an outdoor bath. This was the absolute highlight of the stay. A four legged bath tub on its own deck, looking out onto the rolling hills, with a cotton candy sun set in the background. Need I say more?

Outdoor Bath Tub

This Canopy Campsite also gives you the opportunity to cook and eat outside on the deck with a complete sunset view while you eat dinner. The owners have the basics supplied like spices and cooking oil, just bring along whatever you feel like cooking, maybe some wine and cheese to enjoy outside (Torrell and I aren’t that sophisticated so we brought Peanut MnMs and Chips!). It was Valentines Day though, so we went out for dinner in the Town centre which is only a 10 minute drive away.

The “Tent” and I use that term VERY loosely, because it doesn’t do it justice, has so many features that makes it so special. Believe it or not a stand out for me was the bathroom. This tent has a flushing toilet, and a sink and shower that you’d probably have inside your own home. This is such a big deal, because the other sites (treehouse & cliff top tent) had composting toilets so you had to do your business into a bag, inside of a toilet, so it just sat there… Which is fine! You have to keep an open mind when you’re amongst nature, but I’m sure we can all appreciate the work that went into putting a flushing toilet into a tent!

The owners have really taken the time to make this tent a cosy homestay. They’ve put a fire place in so you can come and stay in the winter and every little detail from the cushions, the candles and the cute outdoor setting they’ve created is so thoughtful and well designed.

Where to book?

So between the outside bath and the flushing toilet you’re probably dying to know the details so you can visit too. We book our Canopy Camping trips directly through their website. People from all over New Zealand create unique and seriously beautiful glam camping sites, so I’ve made it my life mission to stay at them all.

Quick Details

The Canvas Hut, Pukekohe, Auckland New Zealand.

$270 p/n, we stayed for the one night before I went to work the next day.

Bring along your own food and drinks, and everything you need to be entertained and relaxed.

You could be heading to work in the morning and by the end of the day soaking in the outdoor bath tub, watching the sunset with a glass of wine; or if you’re like us Peanut MnMs.


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