Okana Skincare – Two Month Review

My skin care journey has been rocky! It’s been bumpy and fiercely aggravated and thats just talking about the physical state of my skin.

Over the course of my life I’ve endured moderate to severe eczema which sometimes appears around my eyes, nose and mouth. Over the past two years I’ve dealt with adult acne, diagnosed by my doctor as severe hormonal acne. I also suffer from a wide range of allergies that impact the state of my skin. SO yes, at times having to manage all of these can just be messy and upsetting to the point where it all seems impossible to get on top of. You should also know how many products, medications and procedures I’ve had to try and get on top of all of this. 

I’ve trialled all the supermarket brands of skin care at some point during my life as well as the stronger skin care brands you’ll find at the chemist (pharmacy). I’ve visited the doctor when I was just beaten and down about the appearance of my skin and been prescribed medicated creams and pills (the pills are what cleared up my hormonal acne). Also visiting clinics to get facials and skin procedures along with buying the ridiculously priced products from them too, but I seriously would have done anything to find relief and something that worked. Some of these products worked for a little while (mainly the prescribed medication by the doctor), some irritated my skin further and others were a complete waste of money.

At this point in my journey, I still get pimples and have sensitive skin that reacts to all sorts of things making it very difficult to treat.

This is where my Okana journey started. Once I started seeing more and more of the Okana skincare range on my social media and after a few of my friends had tried it themselves, of course I wanted to give it a go! What did I have to lose!

I purchased the “Radiant Skin Okana Facial Range box set Gift box” which included the entire skin care range,

  • Apple Juice Foaming Cleanser – 150ml
  • Mango + apricots Sorbet Cleanser – 150ml
  • Cucumber + Lettuce Juice Toner – 125ml
  • Bamboo Beads Face Scrub – 100ml
  • Vegetable Garden Day Moisturiser – 50ml
  • Berry Mix Night Moisturiser – 50ml

Before using a product what is most important to me is that it is cruelty free, as natural as possible and preferably New Zealand made. Okana skincare encompasses these important values. Being 100% natural using a minimal amount of ingredients, with no harmful additives used to thicken or preserve, nor does it have any fragrance added (I’ll touch on this later). Okana, is New Zealand owned and operated and a non negotiable for any product I use is that they do not test on animals.

My initial impression of the product was that they are very affordable and beautifully presented. The products come in bright and vibrant packaging and the formulas themselves are smooth and luscious and look like they’ve been directly extracted from plants, fruits and vegetables. You might expect these products to have a rich smell of fruits and vegetables, but get this, they have NO FRAGRANCE, they don’t smell of anything! Which threw me initially because most of the products we’ve been exposed to are laced with fragrance. HOWEVER, this is why my skin and I love these products the most, there are no unnatural smells or fragrance added so it doesn’t irritate my skin at all.

People who suffer from skin irritation, pimples or acne will know how hard it is to put anything on our skin! It either feels extremely uncomfortable or just down right hurts. I had no discomfort using these products, it actually felt nice to be able to wash and moisturise my skin without any reaction for once!

Now lets get to the results, as always in conjunction with this amazing external skin care range I use products to heal my insides while also exercising. Its important to align all aspects to be able to improve your external appearance. With that being said and having used so many products in the past this has been the ONLY product that has nourished and improved my skin and given me so much more confidence.

  • I don’t suffer from regular breakouts unless something is unbalanced in my life.
  • My skin tone has been smoothed out.
  • I feel like I have a natural glow.
  • I no longer have to deal with hormonal acne breakouts.
  • If I do get a pimple then they’re easily healed with these products.
  • I can happily use these products when I experience irritation.
  • I don’t have any guilt using this product because I know exactly what it is made from and where it is made.

Morning Routine

In the shower or in the sink I cleanse with the Apple Juice Foaming cleanser. This product makes my skin feel so clean, following up with the Cucumber + Lettuce juice toner, I spray it on my face and leave it. My skin feels so fresh and bright after using these two product alone. I use the Vegetable garden day moisturiser to finish which is a nice formula for the day time and doesn’t leave your skin too oily but enough to moisturise your skin for the day. 

Evening Routine

This is where I incorporated the Bamboo Bead face scrub, to get a really deep clean along with the Apple Juice foaming cleanser. I spritz the toner on again then lather on the Berry Mix night moisturiser which is so creamy and perfect for over night use and repair.

I used the Mango + Apricot Sorbet Cleanser once but didn’t have much of a use for it. I think it would be perfect for people who need to wash off a full face of makeup after a long day.

My Recommendation 

For anyone who suffers from a skin irritation, persistent pimples and acne I can’t speak more highly of this product for you. You will feel so much more comfortable especially when it comes to moisturising your troublesome skin because its fragrance free it won’t hurt your skin at all. 

If you are still searching for a skin care range and you feel like you haven’t had any other successes with other brands, give this range a try!

If you have strong values when it comes to organic, natural, cruelty free and New Zealand made products then this is the only product for you.

Top – Persistent Pimples/Scarring
Bottom – Clearer Brighter Skin
(All untouched and taken on my phone)

Here are some examples of improvement! I don’t have any pictures from when I had acne, because I didn’t want to take photos with my skin in that state, unfortunately!


  1. Thank you so much for your well written assessment of Okana.
    Im a bit older, although i have sensitive pallid combonation skin, would you reccomend it for someone in their 40s, who needs a bit more nourishment?


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