Eat Your Way Through Queenstown

We have officially eaten our way through Queenstown; this now makes me a qualified food connoisseur and critic for the region. If you needed more of a reason to visit Queenstown aside from the picturesque landscapes, the ski slopes, or just the fresh mountain air, heres another reason that’ll keep you coming back for more and partly why this has been our third time back (with many more trips in the future); two words, Fergburger. 

Fergburger, Queenstown

There isn’t a time of day when this burger joint doesn’t have a line straight out the door and sometimes up the road. Swarms of locals and tourist alike holding their one way ticket to food coma heaven. The pushing and shoving to get their order, and the disappointment as the staff tell them to get back and wait for their number to appear on the screen. Number 4… Thats me. Our order. The “Little Lamby” Burger; high country lamb patty, mint jelly, lettuce, tomato, red onion, aioli and tomato relish, this is my order, I don’t deviate because in my opinion its the best burger on the menu. The Ferg Deluxe; 100% NZ beef, bacon, cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomato, red onion, aioli and tomato relish (this is Torrell’s order, he gets something different every time). With fries and onion rings! I’m not going to lie, I could have done without the fries and onion rings, they weren’t the best. But without a doubt those burgers are everything you could ever want from a burger and more! Which is probably why we had Fergburger three out of the four days we were there. Theres no way you’re getting a seat at Fergburger so have your order to take away and go and eat it by the water. 

Balls and Bangles

With your top button undone why stop now. Head over to Balls and Bangles for dessert. These are probably the most decadently deadly donuts you’ll ever come across. Not only do they manage to fill and cover the donuts with the most delicious fillings and toppings, but the donut itself is so light and soft. Making it all the more dangerous because one just doesn’t seem like enough. We tried the “Oreo Crunch”, covered with Oreos and cream, filled with Nutella, The “Banoffee” filled with butterscotch, banana custard, salted caramel and cream and the “Snickers Bar Donut”, filled with chocolate cream, covered with nuts, topped with more chocolate cream and half a snickers bar! My favourite was surprisingly the Banoffee donut!

Blue Kanu

This is my dinner spot recommendation and before I get started I ensure you that this was probably some of the most delicious food we’ve eaten in a very long time; the prices reflected this too but hey! Its not every day you get to treat yourself to dinner in Queenstown right? Blue Kanu take the best of Pacific cuisine and Asian cuisine and infuse it together to create dishes jam packed full of the best ingredients and flavour. We ordered the Braised beef cheek Massaman curry and the Tahitian style pork belly with roasted veg and five spice apple jam. Two mains were more then enough for us both (probably because we had visited fergburger and balls and bangles earlier that day). We would both happily fly down and visit again just to have another meal at Blue Kanu!


The Fergbaker is directly next door to Fergburger and they sell a range of specialty pies, sausage rolls and savouries and beautifully displayed sweet treats from eclairs to lemon meringue pie by the slice. We’ve always had a Fergbaker Pie for breakfast for at least one of the mornings while in Queenstown. They make all your classics while also creating a couple of special, “very kiwi” flavoured pies.

Devil Burger 

We visited Devil Burger because we had heard that they were just as good if not better then Fergburger! We ordered the “Old Harry” a cod burger with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, beetroot, and devils very own tartare sauce and the Yankee Devil, which is one of their more popular burgers, with beef, cheese, mustard, red onion, tomato, tomato relish and aioli with chips. They definitely do a tastier spud fry then fergurger. BUT there is no competing with the “Little Lamby” over at ferg. Really tasty burger joint though and would recommend after you’ve tried Fergburger first!

Bonus Treat: The Cookie Time 

Finish off your night in Queenstown with some hot cookies! We always go for the classic chocolate chip chunk and a mini smore!

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Loved the fish in New Zealand when I was there 3 years ago, and the Devil burger sounds amazing. Was fascinated how beetroot goes so often on a burger! 🍔 😀


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