Photographing our way around Italy

Travelling during peak season throughout Europe means swarms of holiday makers. You might as well accept that all your snaps are going to include you and every other ‘Joe Blow’ from around the world, trying to get the same picture as you! Right, maybe, but its not entirely impossible to get the pictures you want.

Heres a guide to getting your dream Italy Snap Shots …


“The Pigeon Shot Out-Side Milan Cathedral” 

There are a tonne of pigeons around and “scammers” walking around with popcorn kernals in their hands, if you take these from them they’ll hassle you for some money. Entirely up to you if you want to do this, or just bring your own little bird nibbles and throw them around. Leave some in your hands and the pigeons will land on you! There are people in our photos but if you head out early enough, there won’t be! 

“Roof Top Restaurant and Milan Cathedral” 

We got lucky with this shot, they just so happened to have a table right by the Cathedral! We got a waiter to take this picture. There are many places like this in the buildings across from the Cathedral. We had our first pasta and pizza here! Delish!

“On Top Of The Milan Cathedral”

We walked up to the Cathedral Terraces to capture these pics. When you’re up there you’ll be able to see the little coves where we stood. Get the person taking your photos to stand back and reach as far over the ledge as possible!


Pisa was the biggest surprise for me! There was no way I would ever have thought there would be a moment without people! However we did have the luxury of an overnight stay which allowed us to be out there for sunrise. 

“Sunrise With No People” 

This is a no brainer. We were lucky enough to be staying outside of the tower. We went outside between 6am – 7am to catch sunrise. To our surprise no one was out side! Not even the “get off the grass” people! So of course we took full advantage, set up the tripod and walked all over the grass! (LOL)

“Leaning Tower Ice Cream Shot”

We took this one later in the day with SO many people around, but because its a closer shot it didn’t matter all that much! We bought an ice cream cone. YES, just the cone, don’t worry they’re used to it there. Torrell got a great one of me, I struggled to line up the cone and his tongue for his shot though (not as easy for a non-photographer like me!)

“Leaning Tower Lean” 

Just jump up on one of the posts, line up the photo and snap away!


One of our most favourite cities in Italy. Florence is vibrant, picturesque and romantic!

“Ponte Vecchio (The Bridge in Florence) “

The bridge is so beautiful at all times of day! During the day and at night. We just walked up and usually people will clear a space or theres just a clear space for a photo opportunity.

“Florence Cathedral” 

This would apply to most places in all of Italy but most people retreat around lunch time to eat, rest and get out of the midday heat (even though it’s literally hot all day long). We took advantage to take some photos on the side of the Cathedral at this time of day. Don’t sit on the seats though, you will burn your bum!

“Roof Top Bar at Sunset”

Florence has many of these but Torrell picked a great one! A bit expensive, but had the best views of the city and sunset! Maybe have one drink up there and get your photo. We took this picture right on the side, it may look like you shouldn’t be walking there or taking photos but it was fine!


Sorrento had an entirely different feel to any of the places we had visited so far! Every wall, every corner every view was worth a picture! You will have no problem capturing some beautiful shots here!

“Yacht Shots”

We treated ourselves to a day out on a boat! A Sorrento to Capri boat tour. We got a few shots at the front of a boat. This wasn’t a private tour, we actually had about 2 other families onboard with us but there were many opportunities for us to sit at the front of the boat and get our shots!


This is probably one of the most famous spots to take a photo! You’ve got the town behind you on the cliff, the beach umbrellas behind you on a stunning summers day in Positano. You’ve got two options here,

Save some money and walk right behind the paid beach area, take your photo in front of the bars or sneak under the rails and snap a few! 


Pay to get into the beach and have your choice of photo opportunities. Paying for a beach is a strange concept to me, but it was nice being able to lie out on the beach chairs and swim on the nice part of the beach!

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