48 Hours in Osaka, Japan

If you’re cabin crew then you’ll know how rare it is to get two nights anywhere, let alone two nights in Osaka. This felt like the perfect opportunity to bring Torrell on my trip so we could make the most of Osaka together! If you’re not cabin crew then this will be the perfect way to fit Osaka into your future Japan travel plans.

With 48 hours in Osaka this is what we got up to!

  • Fushimi Inari Taisha

A shrine dedicated to the god of rice and sake but probably better known around the world as one of the most instagramable spots in Kyoto. People from all around the world visit this shrine for its 5000 bright orange torii gates.

Torrell and I took two trains to get to Fushimi Inari, which was easy and cheap! There were masses of people visiting the shrine, we did visit on a Sunday so this may have been why there felt like a lot of people around. Now, if you’re after pictures without other tourists in it, it isn’t entirely impossible and there are plenty of places to stop for photos along the walkway under the torii gates. The further you walk the less people there are around. 

Remember that alongside being an instagramable spot its history is rich dating back to the 8thcentury making it over 1000 years old. Every part of the shrine has a reason and meaning to its presence from the fox statues to each individual torii gate that has been donated over time. With many interactive local rituals to take part in I can see why this is the most visited shrine in Osaka.   

  • Arashiyama (Bamboo Grove)

From the Fushimi Inari shrine Torrell and I travelled by train across Kyoto to the far west area of Arashiyama home of the bamboo grove. Funny enough we only knew what train station to get off at. To find the bamboo forest we merely had to follow the tourists. This quaint mountain village is picturesque and quaint and if you manage to look past all the tourists once again it’s a really beautiful village.

The bamboo grove is another must see. Standing in the grove while the wind blows brings the entire forest to life.

  • Dotonburi

An absolute sensory explosion in one district! 

We visited Dotonburi for dinner one night, we ended up walking around for at least an hour looking at everything. So many quirky little eats typical in Japan, so many neon lights and SO MUCH FOOD! Easy to get to by train you’ll end up spending more time then you expected walking around here. Japan has so many little treats so take the time to find them and try!

  • Den Den Town Nippombashi 

The ANIME district! Because Torrell is a huge anime fan a visit to Japan had to include a visit to Osaka’s well-known Den Den Town. This area comprises everything anime, stores selling specialty anime paraphernalia, specialty cafes where the workers dress up as maids and specialty street food! Including that fluffy Japanese cheese cake and the fish shaped filled pastry. 

  • Taito Station

A seven-story arcade! We dance battled, tried to win toys from anime shows we didn’t even know and watched some insanely talented Japanese gamers. If you love arcades and gaming this is the place for you!

That wraps up our 48 hours in Osaka. We headed back that night after a bit of shopping and more eating of course! Our Japanese adventures are definitely not over, and we’ll be back to visit more of Japan when we can! 

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