Our Trip to Rotorua

If you follow us on Instagram you would have seen that Torrell and I spent a jam packed three days in Rotorua, getting to take part in some amazing and pretty unique activities while we were down there! Writing this, I can honestly say some of the things we got to do I wouldn’t have wanted to do anywhere else expect my beautiful home, New Zealand, AND some of these activities I’m pretty sure you couldn’t do anywhere else except in New Zealand!

Wednesday 1stMay

We drove down to Rotorua from Auckland in record time, the roads were clear, sometimes it was just us on a stretch of road. It was a beautiful drive and we were treated to perfect driving conditions. We left at nine o clock and arrived at 11:15 ready for our first activity! Pulling up to Off Road NZ we arrived to a big Welcome Sign!

Off Road NZ Rotorua


Now, I’ve been visiting Rotorua since I was young. It’s been a go-to road trip for my family and I, now Torrell and I have been a couple of times and had the best time. One thing’s for sure it has developed so much! The calibre of activities is amazing and “Off Road NZ” in Rotorua was unlike anything I’ve ever had the chance to experience.

4WD Bush Safari

This is a self-driven collision course!

In our very own Suzuki Jimny, Torrell and I took turns at driving through so many unexpected, exhilarating obstacles. I have never, ever in my life taken part in something like this, everything you’ve always wanted to do in your car but couldn’t, is what you’ll get the chance to do here! We splashed through long stretches of deep water, off roading across steep and rocky terrain, pushing the car to its limits driving up on a ledge at a 55-degree angle, then our guide gave the car a shake! We also pushed our nerve to the absolute limit driving the car off a ledge into a lake and taking a direct plunge down an 80-degree slope!

Our professional and patient guide took as through the entire course giving us complete guidance as we worked through the course. These guides have so much knowledge and made Torrell and I feel so at ease doing these wild stunts.

I would recommend this to all thrill seekers this will get your heart racing. Its just so unique and a completely exhilarating experience. Torrell and I laughed our way through the entire course and he was so brave driving us through the major stunts!

Monster 4×4 

If that wasn’t enough adrenaline, we jumped on the 4×4 Monster and had a guide race us through a track! Near misses and flying mud; we were heading up and down hills that you just wouldn’t think possible; taking on corners you wouldn’t dream of attempting!

Race line Karting

What a way to finish the day! Just you, a track, driving as fast as you can, which might I add is pretty fast. We were told our carts can reach about 100km/hour! Torrell claims we weren’t racing, I on the other hand think that’s “loser talk” because I won by an entire 2 seconds! A big deal in the kart racing world.


4WD Bush Safari – 105pp

Monster 4×4 – 55pp

Raceline Karting – 72pp  

After we finished up with an adrenaline packed day, we were so ready to put our feet up. We stayed at the Sudima, Rotorua. Located right on the lake and a minutes’ walk away from the Polynesian Spa! We stayed in a standard hotel room, it was nice and cosy. What was fun about staying here is that it was where my family and I used to stay when I was young!

Thursday 2ndMay

The start to our day was such a treat! We were definitely looking forward to this activity as we both love a good spa day!

Polynesian Spa


We were lucky enough to get to visit the Polynesian Spa and be treated to the “Massage, Lunch & Private Bathing Package”! If you’ve visited the Polynesian Spa family pool and adult pools it’s about time you treat yourself to a visit to the Private Pools and Lake Spa! This package allowed us to first spend thirty minutes in the private pools. Torrell and I have visited this spa before, which is your very own natural hot pool, beautifully designed to look like a part of the natural setting of Rotorua and it looks out over the lake. Such a romantic treat!

After our time here we moved over to Lake Spa! What. A. Dream. These pools are beautiful! They’re naturally designed to make you feel like you’re at one with nature. With a variety of temperatures and a priest pool this is the place you want to be spending your time.

We then got changed into our robes in the changing rooms, which by the way have everything you could ever want or need, including hair dryers. They’re also super clean which is important to me, I hate walking around changing rooms trying not to touch anything, this wasn’t the case in these changing rooms. 

We had an hour-long relaxation couples’ massage and it was exactly what we needed. Followed by a healthy lunch and smoothies in the Lounge area of the spa. 

We loved our Polynesian Spa so much that later that night before dinner we went back for a soak.

An hour massage!


Package Price – 229pp

We had enough time to quickly head back to the hotel across the road change into active wear and jackets to get ready for our next adventurous activity in the forest.

Rotorua Canopy Tours

We jumped in the car and drove about 15minutes to the Rotorua Canopy Tours reception. We didn’t really know what to expect or what we were doing, as we were preparing for the tour, the guides were setting us up with some serious looking gear, all of it preparing us to move around safely at height and to zip-line through the forest.

Torrell and I took part in “The Ultimate Canopy Tour”, along with four others. We were escorted by our two guides to a nearby forest that they lease from DOC. On site they’ve set up an extensive network of zip-lines and swing bridges through the canopy. 

Our guides were so knowledgeable and as we walked along the trail we were informed about the flora and fauna within the forest. They clearly cared so much about the environment and everything that inhabited it. One of our guides even carried little worms around to give us a chance to feed the curious robins that came so close to us as we were walking along the trails.

Wandering along the trail we arrived at the first set of stairs, but not just any set of stairs; they have clearly taken the time to design a beautiful visual experience, because we walked up to a SPIRAL STAIRCASE in the middle of the forest! The staircase took us high up into the canopy and we stayed at height for the majority of the tour. We walked along swing bridges across deep tree dense trenches. This is what I meant earlier when I said these are the types of activities you just have to do here in New Zealand. Stunning views, thriving native ferns along the ground and gargantuan hundred year old Rimu trees; nothing made me happier to see our native flora thriving thanks to the work of Rotorua Canopy Tours. We zip-lined across the forest, reminding you how special New Zealand is, one of the zip-lines even allowed Torrell and I to race! I won! 

This tour also allows you to walk around the side of a cliff, walk along a bridge where the railing is too low to hold so you balance across! Lastly jumping off the side of a tree to get back to the ground by a pully controlling your decent.  

What I loved most about this particular tour is that a portion of what you pay goes toward helping to restore the forest that was once riddled and being destroyed by pests like possums, rats and stouts. This company is doing great work, I highly recommend taking the time to do this tour, not only will you have the time of your life, you’re also helping protect our flora and fauna.


Ultimate Tour – 219pp

Today had been so full on, we had learnt so much and seen and done some insane things! We headed back to the hotel and decided, like I mentioned earlier to go back to the spa before dinner. Later that night we paid Eat Street a visit for dinner, a funky street in Rotorua that has a variety of specialty eateries, we ate at CBK! The food was so tasty!

Friday 3rdMay

Sadly, we had to head home today but before we left, we packed up our gear, checked out of the Sudima and headed to a must do and see before hitting the road. This place has been redeveloped so beautifully since I was here as a kid,

Skyline Rotorua


We rode up on the Gondola enjoying the extensive views of Rotorua! The viewing area allows you to relax and appreciate the view and is a great photo opportunity. You can’t go all the way up there without going down on the LUGE! Torrell and I had 3 rides racing down, I won every time! 


Gondala + 3 Luge Rides – 53pp

Finally, we headed literally one minute up the road to a place called,

OGO Rotorua

Picture myself, Torrell, 40 litres of fresh warm water (it is May in NZ so it’s getting colder), all mixed together in a Kiwi made giant inflatable ball and throw us down the side of a hill! It’s just a uniquely kiwi experience and so much fun, we did not stop laughing the entire way down. 

OGO has a crazy set up too, ride down the side of the hills and stay warm at the bottom in the spas on site. With music blasting and bean bags this was a great way to finish off our getaway! They also take photos of your entire experience and give you go-pros while you’re in the ball so the pressures off to make sure you’re capturing the experience! Don’t worry if you don’t want to get wet either! They’ve got the Drygos too!

Something I love about OGO is not only are you going to have the best time but again you’ll be supporting local kiwis and their businesses, they also employ local uni students returning home for the summer!


Price for two tracks – 85pp

This ended our classic kiwi roadie to Rotorua and even though I’ve visited so many times we experienced some amazing new things! All I have to say now is, can Polynesian Spas franchise themselves we need one in AUCKLAND!

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