Keratin Straightening Review

Let me walk you through what my hair routine consisted of before Keratin Straightening!

I’d wake up two hours earlier or add two hours to my evening to get my hair prepped. Prepping would consist of a wash, heat protection spray, blow dry and then straighten, finishing with a keratin serum at the end. Throughout the week I’d have to restraighten the fly-a-ways around my face, which because of the heat damage became worse each time; as well as any kinks if I had tied my hair; and if my hair became unbearable before the week ended, I’d repeat this process. Not to mention any time I would work out this would have to be repeated again! It’s crazy to think that my hair would also get in the way of exercise. I would not want to exercise because I would have to get my hair ready again for the next day.

Some might say, just leave your hair natural or just tie it up, not so easy! Anyone with thick undefined waves or curls accompanied by a layer of frizz on top of that will know what I mean when I say that a hairstyle just never looks cute with our hair type!

I was literally living my life around my hair routine. 

Rainy Day’s, would just mean I wasted my time doing my hair at ALL.

Foggy Days, out of the question.

Humidity… NO!

Days where I might sweat, did not mix well and sent my baby hairs off in all kinds of directions!

It wasn’t until my friend posted a story on her Instagram about Keratin Hair Straightening that I thought I might not have to deal with this anymore! I got all the details from her and have been getting the process done for the last year and a half and will probably never stop! 

Now I’m going to share it with you! If you’ve had issues with your hair, unruly, undefined curls, undefined waves, a thick layer of frizz or if you just want a no fuss carefree wet to dry “hair lifestyle” then,

Keratin Straightening

will help you to achieve the look and feel you’ve always wanted. It has CHANGED my life. I have been visiting the cheapest place to get the Keratin Straightening treatment done and I’ve always been happy with the results I’ve gotten over the last year and a half.


FMK Pukekohe or FMK Onehunga (Auckland New Zealand)

The salon is called FMK and it is a franchise, however, they are owned independently. I regularly visit the Pukekohe branch and I love it there and I’ve had one session done at the Onehunga salon and got the same results. So, there won’t be an issue if you visit one salon and then another like I did.


Varies for your hair length.

My hair is VERY LONG and I pay $180 however the prices will vary from $150 – $200. This is the CHEAPEST place you can get this treatment done, other salons can be priced upwards of $300. They will ask if you want to buy their salon shampoo and conditioner; remember you obviously don’t have to and any keratin, sulphate free product will be fine to use. However, I buy their products (just the shampoo and conditioner) because I genuinely like the product and how it makes my hair feel and look, in conjunction with getting the Keratin Straightening. Doing this will add another $40 onto your price. I got this done about a week ago and the final costing came to $205.


One thing you should know is that it is very unlikely that this treatment will make your hair dead straight, but it will get rid of your frizz and tame your waves and curls. It gives me a nice natural flowing look.  It will allow you to head out into any weather and have no problem with frizz prone hair. I confidently walk through the rain knowing that I didn’t waste my time on my hair routine and that it will dry perfectly again.

I have a lot of fine hair and find myself having to get the treatment every 3 months. So, four times a year is well worth saving myself from straightening my hair multiple times a week and saving the health of my hair too! Imagine the health of your hair after only needing a treatment 4 times a year and if you choose, never having to straighten your hair again!

Sometimes when I want a straight look what would have taken me 30-40mins to straighten my entire head of hair now takes 10 mins!

So worth it!

I couldn’t recommend this treatment more to you if you’re struggling daily with your hair. Save your time and the health of your hair and invest in this treatment. You won’t regret it!

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