Call to action

We’ve proven time and time again that in a crisis we respond with overwhelming haste and urgency, with the intention to repair, rebuild and unite when things go horribly wrong. Whether these said actions are to regain the trust and bond from people who have been wronged, our response to natural disasters worldwide or the outpour of care shown to people in need. In times of strife there is no greater power than that of people. 

With that great power asserted by people also reveals a great impact. On this Earth day the current focus is on the protection of species. All species evolve to thrive in the conditions they live. We adapt to our environment and form relationships and bonds to the lives that coinhabit our earth. Each and every living organism contributing and maintaining their vital role within the tenuous systems that seem to be barely holding on. 

These connections and existences are precarious and can be so easily fractured and broken. Conditions become hostile and uninhabitable to the point where we’re unable cannot adapt and survive leading to the catastrophic events on earth that have obliterated entire species.  

We are currently living through one of these major catastrophes. Unlike events that have come and gone without the possibility for intervention, like the asteroid that most likely wiped out the dinosaurs; our type of catastrophe is man made, self inflicted and impacting on more then ourselves but the environment and every living creature we so selfishly harm in the process. Which is hard for some to come to terms or even comprehend as we go about our daily routines. The imminent danger is not always apparent, as a crisis would present itself as immediate, impactful and devastating the destruction of our planet is creeping up and as we adapt instead of repair we carry on as if nothing is wrong. But something is wrong, terribly wrong; we are the number one contributor to the destruction of species that inhabit our earth. It is entirely our fault that our planet is being depleted and the creation of hostile and un-inhabitable environments begin to emerge.

It is due to the growing population and our consumption that we have found ourselves in such dire circumstances what we do now will determine the future of all species on earth, that includes us too.

Look at what we’ve achieved when we agree upon something, implement it, focus and drive for change.

  • The Christchurch Terror Attacks; New Zealanders united strongly to talk and express, raise money for families and hold mass gatherings to show that we stand united. 
  • Fraser Anning removal from parliament; New Zealanders petitioned for the removal of this Australian senator as he expressed unwanted speech after the Christchurch terror attacks. Uniting as one voice to stand strong against a leader who did not represent us how we want to be represented. As well as raising a large amount of money for William Connolly also known as Egg Boy.
  • Notre Dame Rebuild; Reports have revealed that people have donated 1 billion Euros for the restoration of the gothic cathedral.

These examples took place this year alone, achievements that reflect merely days of support and work from the public. Unfortunately the repair process of our world will not take days, our destruction is too far spread and too far embedded in our day to day lives to be able to make up for thousands of years of human destruction. However, what does take only days is the decision to advocate for change, spread a message worth spreading and direct our focus on something worth saving, our world. 

Each and every living creature has value and plays a major role within our ecosystem and the balance of life. It is now your own life that hangs in the balance. It matters enormously that we contribute to the restoration of our planet and that we all understand our role in the coming years. 

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