Body Bloom & Jeuneora Review

Body Bloom vs Jeuneora

First of all, apart from wanting luscious long hair and glowing skin, what drove me to seek a product to help improve my hair, skin and nails was because my lifestyle makes it difficult to nurture and nourish externally as well as ensuring that internally my body was getting what it needed to help me flourish.

As a flight attendant I hate to think about the stress my body is put through while I’m at 40,000 ft in the air and dealing with sleep deprivation, poor diet choices and so many other potential risks. The harsh flow of air is drying for my skin and hair, my nails break easily while on the aircraft especially when working in the galley. My hands and nails go from touching cold trays from the carts then warm items, which takes a toll on my ability to maintain the integrity of my nails. I also struggle with hormonal acne that only started to affect me a year ago and is something I have been trying to deal with through numerous methods.

I firstly started with the Hair, Skin and Nails vitamin from Swisse and maintained this throughout the entire course, lasting a month. Unfortunately, I saw no noticeable differences to my appearance. I may have needed to extend my usage, however I’m impatient and want instant results.

Through the power of social media Jeuneora started appearing on my screen; said to target hair, skin and nails. I’m very weary of what gets promoted through social media because I am aware that some do get paid A LOT to feature a product. So, I wanted to test this product out for myself and also give an honest review for future users.

Towards the end of using Jeuneora, Body Bloom was released, which I had been waiting for because Sarah’s Day developed and created this and claimed that it helped with her hormonal acne. Purely based on this alone I’m always willing to try something that claims to help with skin issues.

So, this review has turned into me comparing two similar products to help you make an educated decision about where to spend your hard-earned money.


Renew+ Marine Collagen Powder Daily DrinkIMG_3696

Pineapple Flavour

One Month supply


Jeuneora is 100% natural and 100% New Zealand made. It arrives to you in a Jeuneora branded box, in powder form, which you simply add to water. I had heard from other users that pineapple was a preferred flavour. It was tasty and easy to drink; I would always add a couple of ice cubes to my shaker.

As a kiwi I love supporting companies owned by fellow kiwis. The Renew+ product combines Marine Collagen, elastin peptides, AZM and vitamin C. This is meant to promote smoother and hydrated skin, stronger and longer hair, strong nails, gut health, detoxify the body, mobility and sleep.

I can honestly say that this product has improved my nail strength and length, the thickness and regrowth of my hair and when I have my hormones under control and don’t get so many pimples, I have a nice glow on my checks. I saw results around the second week mark, other users told me it took them two months to notice any results. Which may mean you’ll need to buy two bottles before seeing a difference.

If Body Bloom hadn’t of come on the market, I would have definitely stuck with Jeuneora as it delivers the results it says. However, the price in my opinion is on the expensive side. I also want something that is more focused on working on my internal health in order to improve the condition of my skin.

If money is no object, and you love supporting local companies and products then this is the product for you.

A more affordable option comparable to Body Bloom is AquaGlow ($79.95), another product from the Jeuneora brand. The difference between Renew+ and AquaGlow is the ingredients. Renew+ has 6000mg of marine collagen plus elastin peptide whereas AquaGlow has 2500mg of marine collagen peptide. Basically, this may mean that you won’t get results as fast as I experienced.

Body Bloom (Sarah’s Day)IMG_3700

Natural Berry Flavour

One Month Supply


Sarah’s Day in conjunction with Tropeaka have released the product Body Bloom. I have been anticipating this moment because Sarah’s day promotes it on her Instagram and says how much it had helped her skin. The product sold out on the first day but will be back in stock soon.

I bought the product as soon as it was released so I didn’t miss out and it arrived in a Tropeaka branded box in a beautiful cardboard bottle, decorated in pink with flowers. It really is a nicely presented product. Body Bloom like Jeuneora is in powder form that you add to water (it turns into a vibrant pink colour!). It isn’t as sweet as Jeuneora but has a pleasant berry flavour.

After using Body Bloom for over a month as it lasted longer then I expected I can say this is my preferred product based on price and results! Every morning I would incorporate this product into my diet using a teaspoon of powder with water and mixing vigorously before drinking. This product doesn’t blend too well with water however if you keep stirring its fine, I wasn’t bothered by this detail because the what it was doing for my body made this detail irrelevant.

I saw such a transformation in my skin through the use of this products. My pesky cystic acne was under control, finally, as I felt this product cleansing my body from the inside out. I saw little to no difference with my nail growth or hair growth. My number one priority when it comes to choosing products like this is how it effects my skin. Therefore I will always pick a product that predominantly targets this for me.

Body Bloom cleared my insides and as a result this reflected in the appearance of the outside of my body too. I highly recommend this product for anyone wishing to improve overall health and target your skin.

Final words:

I can absolutely see the benefit and value in both of these products and I would happily incorporate both products into my diet as Jeuneora targeted my hair, nails and gave me a glow, without really improving the appearance of my acne. Body Bloom targeted and balanced my internal systems and by doing so cleared my skin nicely!

However that would be a combined total of almost $200 per month and that is expensive. My top pick and what I will be using in my daily diet is,


This product has an affordable price tag, targets your internal health and helped me so much with my skin giving me a new found confidence.



  1. Have you tried eating a brazil nut a day? Its packed with selenium. The soil is drained of it so we dont get enough of it. But brazil nuts are full of the stuff. My mothers nails stopt breaking. Works beter than al the pills she’s ever taken. I notice that my hear gets fuller. Selenium is really important for hair and nails.
    Hope it helps!


  2. Don’t forget that these products are based solely on pseudoscientific claims. There’s really no such thing as “detoxing” and “cleansing” with products like this. I recommend watching Timothy Caulfield’s “A User’s Guide to Cheating Death” on Netflix, or reading his book “Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong About Everything”.


    1. I think unless you’ve tried it, it would be hard for someone to dispute it. I would recommend to you to try before you rule it out and not to believe everything you watch on tv or Netflix.

      Sometimes your body can benefit from ingredients within these types of products. On the other hand if a pseudo is what it takes to cure someone who has been suffering with hormonal acne or other such conditions, so be it. What ever helps.


  3. Jeuneora is not 100% New Zealand product – the collagen which is THE key ingredient, is from France. It is imported and the final product is then ‘made in New Zealand’ – i.e. put into its container.


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