Product Review: Strapless Drawstring Bra

It fell off and then the cat sat on it, and now there’s cat hair all over it!!!

Summer means; sleeveless, strapless, and just less everything. Which also means you’ll be on the hunt for the perfect strapless or even stick on bras to wear this summer. The reality is though I have yet to find an adhesive strapless bra that sticks and remains in place. I’m afraid after using this product I still haven’t found what I’ve been looking for.

But first! A little back ground history on the company that sells this product. Waist Trainer NZ is a company that shot to fame after the waist trainer was seen on social media, worn by Kylie Jenner and the other members of the Kardashian clan. Maybe a little closer to home Tammy Hembrow also promoted the waist trainer. The waist cinching product claims to encourage the waist region to remain tight, aid in hunger suppression support weight loss, improve posture and reduce back pains. Most of the online reviews are about the waist trainer.

If you read reviews on the website all you’ll find are verified buyers claiming the products are amazing, fast shipping, great for back support and major weight loss; with one particularly disturbing review that stood out to me,

“Starving myself skinny”

portrayed as a positive feature of the waist trainer as you can’t eat a lot while you’re wearing it because it is so tight. With absolutely no negative feedback (I know because I read all 9 pages of reviews) this company’s products appears to be the next best thing. Every review has a 5 star rating which makes it clear that only the positive reviews have been selected to appear on the website giving buyers an unfair representation of the products sold.

To the strapless adhesive bra itself only a few reviews appeared that claimed it was very sticky, adhesive and stayed in place. However, my experience with the product was very different. What made the strapless adhesive bra so appealing was that it had a point of difference; not only was it strapless and adhesive, but it also had a draw sting designed to pull your cleavage together with quality reusable adhesive. A great idea, poorly executed, and I would be reluctant to buy it again.

I would consider the adhesive strapless bra to be one of the cheaper products on the market at $36 (NZD).  The draw string is what makes this particular product so appealing to buyers and is what drew me to the product, but the reality is I stuck the bra on, pulled the draw string and within minutes the edges started lifting until it just fell off.

I would not recommend this product and would caution you to think carefully before you buy this strapless adhesive bra.



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