Definitely not another feminist post

Some may not realise it now but when you stereotype and categorise men by holding them accountable to an individual’s actions, you are criminalising all men; your brother, your father, your grandfather, your cousins, uncles and friends. By announcing that men need to do better for females and “man up” is to say that you are unsatisfied with the men you’ve ever had in your life. You’re saying that they too are bad people, abusers, rapists, murderers, or have the traits making them capable of atrocities.

I consider myself lucky to have had men in my life that have been caring, kind, compassionate and protective. I also care far too much about them to stand idly by allowing radical feminists, band wagon groupies, uninformed and uncompassionate people to group the men I love into any of those categories.

It’s no secret that New Zealand has long struggled with suicide; we have the highest rate of youth suicide in the developed world. If that isn’t disturbing enough the suicide statistics for 2018 revealed 668 suicide related deaths occurred this year, 475 of those were male, making it the highest rate in New Zealand history. The men most at risk are aged 15 – 30 and 45 – 55 and those who are Maori have a disproportionate risk of committing suicide.

These statistics represent real people and come from a deep-rooted issue within our society that see people creating feelings of inadequacy and hate towards men. Hate speech and comments are saturating all forms of media and circulating within every day conversations directed at all men and generating pressure and lack of self-worth. It only takes a quick look at the growing statistics to show what has started off as an equality issue has morphed into generalising attacks on men, leading us to the growing suicide issue we have to deal with today.

The road to achieving gender equality has never been about females rising above men. However, movements, activists and individuals have been doing nothing but bulldozing their way to the top while destroying whatever stands in their way no matter what the physical and mental implications it may have of individuals. There is no disputing that the treatment of woman in the past was inexcusable, it took brave and bold woman to orchestrate monumental achievements for us all.

Kate Sheppard, the driving force behind the woman’s suffrage campaign, advocating and securing females a voice within elections.

Dame Whina Cooper, who fought for Maori land rights and living conditions for Maori woman.

Helen Clark, one of New Zealand’s most iconic female figures and first elected former female prime minister of New Zealand. Who in an interview points out that New Zealand had three women who have served as governor general and held top jobs in the public and private sector. Not once did she feel like gender was a barrier to her achievements within New Zealand.

Jacinda Arden, the current youngest female prime minister in the world.

These female’s actions were to better the lives of women and for New Zealand as a country; never in spite of men. To say that men control our society would be an insult to females everywhere, it would imply that these women didn’t work extremely hard for the position they hold or what they have achieved but were placed there by men as the token female. Which brings me to the fact that if these women in our society achieved equality without bashing men in the process why do we think it’s ever okay to inflict that treatment on men now?

By creating assumptions about men, allocating them into stereotypical roles, grouping them with criminals you’re inflicting the same treatment that was once imposed on woman that pivotal females fought tirelessly to destroy. The key issue here however is that while you’re advocating so aggressively for women, you’re missing the fact that it’s killing our men.

Men DO NOT need to “man up”

Not all men are abusive, aggressive or violent

Nor are they rapists or murderers

I believe in equality for ALL and right now it’s men who are vulnerable and need help. I’m sticking up for men because they don’t deserve to be made to feel inferior in order for females to be successful. I’m sticking up for men because the men in my life don’t deserve the label’s society forces upon them.

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