Why being a flight attendant lead me back to school?

Believe it or not I didn’t want to be a journalist and I still don’t, well not in the traditional sense. My first love has always been human nature and why we do what we do. What makes us as humans tick. That is why I studied Psychology and Health Promotion.

After finishing my first degree a change of plan and an overwhelming desire to escape adulthood lead me to the airline industry and it was the airline industry that enhanced my love for writing.

After becoming a flight attendant, I honed my love for writing and found my niche in creative writing and travel features. I found so much value and felt like I had a bigger purpose to inform people of what a life of travel could be like.

Through flight attending and social media I developed a strong opinion about the way travel was promoted to the general public. To me it seemed like the people that are so popular for their travel profiles are promoting an unobtainable lifestyle and expect the admiration and compliments in return. I ask you though; what value are you getting from this content? I ask the travel influencers; what value are you providing the world?

Travel goes beyond pretty dresses, on pretty woman, in front of pretty sights. I was determined to offer and uncover more for people. To let anyone who would listen know that if they choose, they too can experience a lifestyle of travel. This is what sparked my love for detailed travel guides, taking the anxiety, stress and fear of the unknown out of travel.

This decision alone wasn’t enough for me. If I wanted to write for people and share my thoughts, opinions and knowledge I wanted it to be of high quality and something I could be proud of. Anyone can write a “how to” guide, but not everyone writes with purpose, value and quality. Therefore, the best way I knew how to achieve this was to go back to school. I made this decision at the end of 2017, applied, had my placement offer and in 2018 I started and completed a Graduate Diploma in Journalism.

Flight attending is what exposed me to travel and wanting to make it easy for others. It was the job that pushed me to study. At that point I had been flying for two years and I had never felt so unfulfilled before. It didn’t take me long to realise why. There was no challenge, there are no opportunities for Auckland crew to advance our careers within flying for the airline I work for, so what are we all working towards? I needed mental stimulation and fast. I spent most of my down time while I was away for work or while I was home on days off completing school work.

I studied through a long-distance programme at Massey University and it worked out well for me and my lifestyle. For any one working in the airline industry who feels like there’s something missing for them, feelings of unfulfillment, not living up to your full potential or you want to transition out of flying I would highly recommend you take a look at what long distance studying has to offer. There is no better feeling then actively working towards your goals and achieving them!


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