Spend the Night in a Tree House

Nestled within your own private forest who would have thought such a secluded oasis was a mere hours’ drive from Auckland’s lively CBD. Being able to stay in such a unique dwelling that compliments the New Zealand scenery and environment is a brilliant way to break away from mundane hotel rooms and disappear for a night or two. Perfect for Aucklanders who need an escape from the city yet isn’t too far that you could easily dash away for the night or for the overseas traveller who wants to experience everything Auckland has to offer.

treehouse-23Let me tell you it gets better, I haven’t even gotten to the part where you’ll be sleeping. Embrace your inner child because your dreams are about to come true as you walk up the stairs into your very own tree house!

With a glass of wine in hand while you soak in a steamy outdoor bubble bath; might I add suspended from the surrounding trees you’ll think you’re miles away from home when in reality this little gem was sitting in your back yard all along.



Just like the glam camping tents from my previous blog post Castaways Resort along with Canopy Camping has created the perfect little hideaway up in the trees. You will check in at, Castaways Resort, 685 Karioitahi Road, Karioitahi Beach, Waiuku, New Zealand.

For those who live in Auckland Castaways Resort is an hour drive from the CBD. For more information about the sites in Auckland that we have visited head to the Castaways Resort website,


For more locations across the length of our beautiful country New Zealand then head this website,


The Logistics

The easiest way to begin your glam camping experience is to head to the Castaways website where you can book your entire experience at the click of a button.


One Night Totara Tree Glam Camping Experience



This price is for the night and is all inclusive. You’ll be provided with transportation if you want that option, meals for your entire stay, a luxurious fully equipped tree house and facilities that make for the perfect escape during the summer or winter.

What to Bring:

Keep it minimal. Comfortable clothing and shoes and maybe a few candles. I’m not kidding when I say that is really all you’ll need!

What Exactly Will I Be Getting For My Money?

Castaways Resort along with Canopy Camping have really thought of everything to make this such a unique and worthwhile experience from the moment you arrive.


You’ll make your own way to the location and securely park your car onsite and use the electric bikes as a form of transport to the Tree House Location or take your own car to the Tree house.


Your very own personal camp site is fully equipped with everything you could ever want or need. Upon arrival you’ll spot a pair of hammocks in the trees along with your very own outdoor bath tub suspended from the surrounding trees.

King Size Bed:

This is a glamp camping experience so expect luxury. With a very large and comfortable bed to rest in once you decide to drag yourself out of the bath.


Your tent has a kitchen! With a sink, fridge (fully stocked might I add, but ill get to that), and an out-door cooker.


Now, remembering that you’re off the grid with no sewerage system your bathroom (located within your tent) has a self-composting toilet. Now this isn’t as scary as it sounds and will work and be more or less exactly like a normal toilet. You also have a shower and a sink.


Now most importantly, what will you be eating! Prior to arrival during the booking process you will be asked for your preferred meal and beverage options. Upon arrival you will find your fridge fully stocked with all the specific ingredients ready to be put together to create the meals you chose. We stayed for one night, so our fridge was stocked with our Dinner and Dessert, along with Breakfast for the morning and snacks and drinks! You will have to cook your meals, but they have made it so easy and straight forward with all the instructions you’ll need to piece it all together. There was more then enough food and filled with so many extra goodies that weren’t expected. You’ll have so much fun cooking outside, and the food is really delicious you’ll be shocked by your cooking abilities.



Games: Unlike the glam camping tents where we had no Wi-Fi this particular location does have network coverage so although you won’t be forced to stop using your devices you could choose to disconnect and decide to reconnect and make use of the board games in the room.

Things to Remember:

This is a different environment to the glamp camping tents on the cliff. Instead an amazing tree house has been built to compliment and fit into the environment to the point where the tree house has been built around the tree trunks themselves. Hopefully you manage to find peace and tranquillity listening to the sounds that would usually be drowned out by the cars in the suburbs and city.

You are literally alone and isolated, no one is going to disturb you, hear you or see you so however you want to spend your alone time is entirely up to you, no restrictions!

Relax and enjoy it’s not very often we get to escape and live out our child hood fantasy of spending the night in a tree house!

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