Travel Guide: Glamping in Karioitahi

Castaways Resort

Canopy Camping Escapes

I think it would be a fair statement to make when I say that most of us would enjoy the opportunity to explore and discover new places and have the chance to create meaningful experiences to share with others or enjoy alone. Most often we’ll rely on google, word of mouth or probably more relevant today, social media posts. A lot of these people will post about amazing locations they’ve found and what they’ve seen and done but leave out the most important details, the how to actually do it part! Which is why when I’m able and lucky enough to have these experiences I love to write and share with everyone describing exactly how to go about doing it. So read on if you’re in need of an amazing escape from reality.

If ever you feel the need to escape your busy life for a night or two I have the perfect location. Check out of your daily routines and check into a haven nestled between secluded rolling green hills and the raging ocean far below. To unwind, relax and reconnect with yourself and nature. With locations all over New Zealand spending at least a night experiencing the Canopy Camping Glamp (glamorous camping) sites is an absolute must do!

Drive up to Castaways Resort and head to reception where you’ll park and check in retrieving your set of keys to your own personal golf cart and a key to unlock your glamorous tent along with an easy to follow map (not needed the off-road path is clear). Load up your gear into the back of your golf cart (plenty of room to fit everything you’ve brought along, however use this experience to try and be minimal you really wont need much!) Now that you’re all packed up cart off along the track but proceed with caution as you’ll come across uneven surfaces keep in mind that this place is slightly off the grid. After about a 7 minute drive you’ll pull up to your own completely private, very glamorous, eco friendly camp site. This wont be camping like you know it, with a pair of hammocks in the surrounding trees, walk around to the front of your campsite and step into your tent (for want of a better word) your “tent” will be equipped with its own bathroom, a LARGE king size bed, your very own kitchen with fridge, microwave and outdoor cooker and so many other home comforts that will blow any preconceived perception you ever had about camping well out of the water. Step back outside for a captivating view of the ocean that you can enjoy while soaking in your very own out door bath tub! With no WIFI or reception this is the ultimate place to disconnect in every sense of the word! Enjoy and absorb every peaceful minute of your experience because it will be one of the best things you’ll ever do.

Now that I’ve convinced you to give this place a visit you’ll need to know the details!

Where is this place?

This particular location is at the,

Castaways Resort,

685 Karioitahi Road, Karioitahi Beach, Waiuku, New Zealand

For those who live in Auckland Castaways Resort is literally just a bit over an hours drive away, an hours drive to complete tranquility.

The good news is that the company that creates these pockets of bliss is called Canopy Camping and they have locations scattered all over New Zealand with each location being its own unique environment and experience. : for the location we visited. : for all locations in New Zealand.

So for people living in New Zealand you’ll find it easy to find a location suited to you and where you’d like to visit. For those from foreign shores and heading over to our little corner of the World I highly recommend spending a night or two glamping out in one of the tents, an experience like this will encapsulate the true essence of New Zealand.

The Logistics (from the package I booked to pricing)

I stumbled across this location and package purely by chance on the internet on the castaways website.


One Night Coastal Glam Camping Experience.



This price is for the night and I understand it may seem a little steep but keep in mind that this is all inclusive. Food and Drinks, your own private golf cart, a view to die for and a secluded camp site.

What to Bring:

Like I said, keep it minimal. Comfortable clothing and shoes and maybe a few candles. I’m not kidding when I say that is really all you’ll need!

What Exactly Will I Be Getting For My Money?

Castaways Resort along with Canopy Camping have really thought of everything to make this such a unique and worthwhile experience from the moment you arrive.


Obviously you’ll make your own way to the location and securely park your car onsite but from that point you’ll have your own golf cart to get to your own private campsite.


Your very own personal camp site is fully equiped with everything you could ever want or need. Upon arrival you’ll spot a pair of hammocks in the trees, turn the corner and you have an out door bath tub with hot and cold running water ready to use whenever you feel. With two lounging chairs to take in the view.

King Size Bed:

Like I said this is a glamping site so expect luxury. With a very large and comfortable bed to rest in once you decide to drag yourself out of the bath.


Your tent has a kitchen! With a sink, microwave, fridge (fully stocked might I add, but ill get to that), and an out door cooker (like a small bbq).


Now, remembering that you’re off the grid with no sewerage system your bathroom (located within your tent) has a self composting toilet. Now this isn’t as scary as it sounds and will work and be more or less exactly like a normal toilet. You also have a shower and a sink.


Now most importantly, what will you be eating! Prior to arrival during the booking process you will be asked for your preferred meal and beverage options. Upon arrival you will find your fridge fully stocked with all the specific ingredients ready to be put together to create the meals you chose. We stayed for one night so our fridge was stocked with our Dinner and Dessert, along with Breakfast for the morning and snacks and drinks! You will have to cook your meals but they have made it so easy and straight forward with all the instructions you’ll need to piece it all together. There was more then enough food and filled with so many extra goodies that weren’t expected. You’ll have so much fun cooking outside and the food is really delicious you’ll be shocked by your cooking abilities.


Games: With no WIFI or reception you get to spend the night in your own bubble but don’t think you’ll be left with nothing to do. You’ll find board games and cards in your room, we spent the night playing battleship and chess.

Creepy Crawlies: Spending the night in a bush lands area means you’re now in bug territory so expect there to be a few critters scuttling around. You’ll find mosquito repellent and bug spray in your room (if you feel the need to kill them).

Things to Remember:

– You’ll be surprised what kinds of noises you’ll hear throughout your stay. The birds chirping and the hum of cicadas during the day. Then as the night draws near the crickets will start singing and you can hear the crashing waves from the ocean below and the wind blowing through the trees. It really is such a calming way to spend your time listening to what would usually get drowned out by cars and city noises. OR for some it could potentially be an alarming experience depending on what you’re used to, especially hearing wild life scratching around during the night but there’s no need to be concerned. Your tent is completely secure so embrace the unknown and unfamiliar.

– You are literally alone and isolated, no one is going to disturb you, hear you or see you so however you want to spend your alone time is entirely up to you, no restrictions so if you want to be naked in nature then by all means go for it!

Relax and enjoy its not very often we get through a full day and night without the ping of our phones or the worries of the world on our television sets. So disconnect from society and reconnect with yourself or your glamping partner. Drink wine and have good conversation. Forget everything and be in the moment because right now everything else can wait for tomorrow.


  1. I have been glamping at Pheniox Valley in Tauranga & like this , it was absolutely amazing 💕 Castaways sounds awesome aswell . An experience i will never forget, recommend to everyone & definitly do again !

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