Goal Setting: A way out!

Giving you all a way out of the potentially unrealistic goals you may have set while getting swept away by the start of a New Year.

With a New Year comes new goals and resolutions. Hopes for a fresh start and an invigorated sense of determination and focus. Shortly followed by the New Year slump where goals get pushed back to the next day and diets always seem to start the following Monday and by the time we know it you and your dog have both gained 5kgs from trying to finish off the left overs, spent more money on buying clothes that fit and slowly developed a dependency on alcohol and high fat foods. Which now means that your goals to lose weight, quit drinking, eat healthier, save money and walk the dog every day never really stood a chance in the first place, but there’s always next year! Now I realise this is a generalisation and not everyone has the habit of doing this however if this directly relates to you maybe it might be time to ditch the goals and try something new for the new year, or even if you are a goal setter you might take some interest in this approach.

So firstly what are goals and why do we set them?

A goal is a focal point to which we set our intent towards. Steering us towards manifesting the life we wish to live. Our lives are the process of reaching these manifestations.

Why do we do it?

Because we are constantly in a state of wishing for more. With the expectation that we are capable of achieving and obtaining bigger and better things. Now taking all that into consideration you can begin to see how some people can really thrive off of creating and following goals OR how some people can really turn the goal setting process into a negative and self deprecating experience. What so commonly takes place is using goals as a way of validation, once we achieve our goals we accept ourselves, if we don’t we judge ourselves harshly for our failures (can I just add failures based on our own expectations and perceived set of judgments).

Try being more mindful and aware next time you’re setting goals.

1. What is your motivation for setting that particular goal. Is it something you genuinely want for yourself or are you doing it to please someone else.

2. Are you attached to a particular outcome or are you open to whatever possibilities arise. When you remain open to the possibilities any outcome is a successful one.

3. Do I really want to set goals to start with? Setting goals does not make you any less motivated or focused on outcomes you wish to seek out. Goals aren’t necessary for all and there is no rule book that inflicts a death sentence upon those who do not wish to do it. Therefore unless your goals are something you truly believe in and intend on wholeheartedly seeing through no matter what the outcome then don’t bother setting them to start with.

4. Regardless of whether you write down your goals, say them out loud or at the stroke of midnight you wished for them with all your might rest assured that “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping to achieve it.” (However don’t use that as an excuse to do nothing and wait).

Take Home Message: Goal setting isn’t for everyone, so don’t do it if you aren’t going to get anything out of it. If writing them out helps then do so. If your content with the vision you have in your mind, then set forth and achieve. If you want to go through life and grasp the opportunities that arise before you, then that’s what you’ll do. Just don’t set yourself up for a fall setting goals without the intent to manifest or without the desire to wholeheartedly seek outcomes for them (whatever they may be). Simple.

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