Something to get you Writing

One of my favourite ideas or concepts I’ve come across through my readings (The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, if you fancy a read too) and something that I remind myself about daily is that, there is nothing that you can imagine that doesn’t already exist for you. My interpretation of this is basically we are absolutely capable of achieving anything we set our minds to and that no dream will ever be too big to conquer if that’s what we choose to pursue.

Which led me to think, do you remember all your childhood dreams? All the sports and activities you’d take part in. Then I thought, what ever happened to those and why did we stop?

Maybe you simply grew bored of it? It wasn’t really what you wanted to spend your time doing? Was it the realisation that you might not be good enough to continue at it? Or maybe you were told you weren’t good enough at it so you should stop and try something else.

What is good enough?

Good enough to compete?

Good enough to win national titles?

Good enough to represent your country at the Olympics?

Good enough to be recognised?

OR good enough that it makes you exponentially happy and that in itself is what makes you good enough! I vote the latter.

So for all the teachers, mentors, sports coaches, parents, family members or friends, before you decide someone isn’t “good enough” I strongly suggest we think about the bigger picture because there is so much more to what we do then simply being the best. I believe that if you’ve achieved happiness you’ve achieved success, especially in the world we live in today.

So here’s the writing exercise!

Write down EVERYTHING you wanted to be growing up

(You wanted to be a dinosaur? COOL write it down),

Write down your current dreams

(You want to travel to outer space? Write that down too),

Write down all the possibilities of what you could do with your life now

(Is traveling on your list, that’s an easy one so put that on the list),

Write down all the possibilities of what you could do in your future

(You want to be a Dolphin whisperer and spend your life at sea whispering your secrets to the Dolphins. That goes on the list, and write that one in CAPS).

By everything and all I mean EVERYTHING AND ALL!

Because there is absolutely nothing in this world you can imagine that doesn’t already exist for you.

Happy writing!

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