The Hundredth Monkey

I recently read a study conducted in 1952. Reliability and the actual occurrence of the study even taking place was called into question, that it may just be a myth. Regardless the study enthralled me and mythical or not I enjoyed it. Here’s the gist of it.

Scientists were providing monkeys with sweet potatoes dropping them in the sand for the monkeys to collect. The monkeys loved the potatoes but hated the sand. One of the monkeys realised that she could rectify the problem by washing the sand off in the nearby stream, she taught the other monkeys. Through imitation they were able to learn. Now this in itself isn’t an anomaly, these creatures are intelligent and able to learn. What was surprising was that colonies of monkeys on other islands began doing the exact same thing without any ability to imitate through observation, as they were on neighbouring islands with ocean in-between.

Hence the name “The Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon”, the hundredth monkey was the tipping point, so to speak, that pushed the knowledge of a select group to spread and be communicated within the species mind to mind. Which can be concluded that if enough individuals tuned into a certain behaviour there would be a point where subconsciously everyone would pick up on this. Where a species begins to evolve.  (A little side note: The older monkey’s learnt from the younger monkeys).

So often I get told that my individual actions can’t even begin to change a society so steadfast in its ways. For example, because it means so much to me, that my small gesture of recycling couldn’t possibly put even the smallest of dents in resolving a crisis that awaits us. The message that I’m trying to convey is that you may well be that hundredth monkey. The monkey that pushed humanity towards collective consciousness and helped bring about the actualisation of important impactful change.


Recycle – You may be the monkey that reverses climate change.

Love more – You may be the monkey that abolishes hate.

Plant trees – You may be the monkey to change deforestation giving actual monkeys back their homes.

I understand and am not naïve enough to be deluded into the fact that I may not be able to create change alone. HOWEVER I may be that hundredth monkey that tips us ever so slightly over the edge and that alone means that no matter what your cause, or how small the gesture, is absolutely worth the action.


  1. I recall reading about this study in Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Tipping Point.”

    Look to nature and you can see that millions of tiny steps lead to change. Over time, of course, like wind and water eroding mountains to a pile of dust. Perhaps with a bit of conscious effort and knowing that we will have an impact, we can help.

    You be the 100th, and I’ll be the 101st.

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  2. We can be the change I totally believe that. So I’m working for change in the world of addiction and childhood abuse and neglect. Thank you for the follow and following you right back. Linda 😊

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  3. I think it may take more than a 100, we had love and peace in the 60s aand it didn’t work! But having said that we all should look to ourselves when preaching change! It really irritates me that envirnomentalists think nothing of flying to attend a conference at the other side of the globe! Haven’t they heard of the conference calls. I shall continue my small steps as I have all my life but I don’t expect big things to happen, but I will have done an old fogies best.

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  4. That’s an interesting study and I love your encouragement to be the change-maker. There are hundreds of little things we can do individually and when they add to the collective whole, change is inevitable. 🙂

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  5. Hello Ellie, this is a wonderful post to point out to people that we should take responsibility for our actions. That we can make a difference in the way we live instead of passing it down the line. Here’s to the hundredth monkey in us. Cheers.

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    1. Hey there, yeah and to be honest there won’t be much of a line to pass it down to if we carry on living so frivolously. It must be us to start the motion of change! Absolutely here’s to being the hundredth monkey! Thank you for having a read!

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    1. 19:37 rxnot my best cindy penrfomarce but slowed down by transitions and squats given my bum legprops to the 630 crew for making it fun alwayscash out: med ball throw situps with jcash.. fun times


  6. Brilliant post.
    Can’t say what my “day job” is due to confidentiality issues, but I strive to push for change every working day.
    But aside from that, I LOVE the idea that one of us may be that monkey

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    1. Hey thank you very much! I know when I read the study I too thought what a cool concept, to be able to reach the point where if enough of us contribute to change just one more persons contribution could create that shift in all of our thoughts and behaviour. It’s a nice idea!
      Thank you for reading!

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    1. Ed 5:54 Good post. Taking religion out of Christmas, or reducing it, is a different issue than eliminating churches. Churches do lots of goods works. So do lots of other organizations. I wish churches paid property taxes.


  7. Excellent article, and very impressive blog! One of the things that I am very much into is the concept of the Indigo Children. I have been thinking about it since first hearing about the Indigos, and except for my oldest daughter very little interest or acceptance. The Indigos are recognizable by their eyes…abnormally bright and shiny and deep, and these people know everything….. I mean everything. I know some personally. Maybe I will blog about the Indigos…one of my favorite subjects.

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    1. Oct21Danielle Hi, the foandution/advanced course looks great, I am looking to perhaps do this course in 2013. I see that you have mentioned that you do a weekend taster is it possible to have some more info on this please? Thank you !


  8. Animals,, unlike humans, have a collective consciousness, so the 100th monkey phenomena makes absolute sense. As for being the 100th monkey in bringing about change for us and our beautiful planet, if enough of us 100th’s turn our minds into positive thoughts, the energy we put out will attract what we are calling for. It just takes time for the wheels to turn and change the balance 🙂

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  9. A beautiful blog .Thank you for introducing me to it. Yes to bring change it is imperative to be the change. Small measures add to create the desired result.


  10. Someone has to be the hundredth monkey, and every single one that came before it is required to make up that hundred. We must follow our hearts and aspire to being the most positive force in the world, without any aspirations to be that 100th monkey or change the world single handedly. Our efforts will always add up to the total goodness available to mankind.

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  11. I really like this post! It gives me hope, touches on some metaphysical notions I’ve rolled around (positive thoughts/prayer, The Gift, and quantum mechanics and how their is potentially an infinite amount of us in parallel universes that can be affected by the positive things we choose to do. I’m rambling, but again–great post!

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