Generational Gratification

A generation not used to waiting leads to unsettled and anxious hearts.

When presents were reserved for birthdays and Christmas, but now if we see something we want we buy it. Because it was there, we had the means, and well, we wanted it.

We’re hungry, and that delicious Sunday roast that our mothers would spend hours preparing now would take far too long for us to prepare so Mc Donald’s will do!

Saving for an intrepid holiday to Egypt (which has always been the dream) would take FAR too long so let’s settle for the Gold Coast!

Everyone’s getting engaged, so let’s fall in love straight away and buy me a ring!

People becoming successful and influential through photography and videography, BUY THE MOST EXPENSIVE CAMERA AND DO IT TOO!

We want instant replies, instant food, instant presents, instant holidays, instant love, instant money and instant recognition. Give us the result we want but don’t make us work, develop, learn or wait for it!

We could blame our archaic style of present moment thinking on our cave man roots as from an evolutionary perspective it is ingrained within us to grasp at the small and instant rewards as opportunity was few and far between during prehistoric times of uncertainty. Who could say whether your cave man partner would return from the Woolly Mammoth hunt with the biggest Mammoth as his expression of devotion for you (in modern terms I suppose this could be equated to a marriage proposal in the form of a ring) therefore this type of uncertainty made it less of a priority to date your fellow cave man and rather more of a priority to populate the species. There was no need to wait and every need for instant action and response. However I would like to think that over the course of 2 million years we have developed somewhat further then our fellow Homo Habilis.

Regardless of time that has passed modern day society comes with its own uncertainties and new issues and priorities for our generation to angst over. Rather than a Woolly Mammoth hunt how about our inability to trust and that effect on our future prospects. The uncertainty and lack of trust we have in others, ourselves and the future could be a viable reason as to why we so readily grasp at the first instant opportunity for gratification. Why we’re less likely to put in time and effort into something that may not even make it into our future. Or like the generations before us blame it on our youth and impulsive, drunken drug consuming ways (a conspiracy made up and driven by pure bitterness due to our lack of wrinkles).

So how about this.

Forget about your cave man roots, disregard your age and get over your in ability to trust, because the future is bright and worth more than 2 minute noodles and a quickie marriage. Here’s how we change our thinking and our future (yes I’m about to fix the world for our generation).

  1. Develop your imagination: With your ability to imagine a future bigger then what you’re able to achieve right now the possibilities become endless (commonly said but true). When we turn down and refuse to settle for something that isn’t worth or is less then what you deserve the battle is half won. By doing so you’ve acknowledged you envision bigger things for yourself and are willing to wait and work for those bigger things. So imagine the biggest, best and brightest future for yourself because you can’t imagine what doesn’t already exist as a possibility for your future!
  2. Learn: Immerse yourself in the process of learning and self-development to put in the time your future deserves by bettering yourself and gaining knowledge and skills. (e.g okay so you bought the most expensive camera and realised it’s a hell of a lot harder than pointing and pushing. So, learn about it, take a class, use the internet, practical practice goes a long way). Just don’t settle for mediocrity because of your unwillingness to put in time, effort and work.
  3. Focus on your emotions and mood: Simple we’re more likely to endure and be willing to wait for something that you’re passionate about and love. When you find yourself about to take an easier path or just really wanting to clutch at an instant source of gratification STOP and revert back to what brought you to want and love something so much.

I’ve had to rewire my own thinking to realise that some of the best things in this life are the things we’ve had to wait a bit longer to receive. Worked a little bit harder to get, put more time and effort into, built bonds from the ground upwards over time and the results we achieve through the time it took to build was worth more than any quick fix we sought out.


    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and share! Constantly having to remind myself to slow down and look at the bigger picture. It’s hard to do sometimes in a generation so fast paced!


  1. I’m 65 now, so come from the time of that slow build-up, and anticipation of special events and presents. A time when people had a lot less, and appreciated small things more. When broken objects were repaired, not replaced. When friends were not ‘contacts’, and spare time was cherished.
    Thanks for following my blog, which is much appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Your post resonates with a poem I wrote for our love for instant gratification, titled Instant. Here’s the link, should you want to read it.

    I wonder what comes next in our events to have everything in our hands in the blink of an eye. Maybe we’ll even manipulate the way babies are born, and have deliverie sooner . Who wants to wait for 9 months. it’s scary the lengths to which we can go to ostensibly save time and waste it on what? Surfing the internet, posting selfies and watching reruns on TV 😐

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      1. Thank you, and exactly my sentiments. We are a breed now that has no time for anybody, not even for ourselves. we’re always chasing after something or the other. Thank you so much fir reading. It’s pleasure getting to know you 🙂


  3. This one is such a treat to read!! I love the use if instant! It’s so freaking true…. People have become more and more impatient and restless. Not just that I have seen people not enjoying the present moment as such and busy in taking selfies which they can put on FB and Insta and show to the world 😕😕 that’s fragile life!!

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    1. I so agree! All these moments that pass us by, that just disappear in our camera rolls! We forget to experience what is right in front of us! Thank you for having a read 😊


  4. Such a delightful blog post! I wondered if you were joking when you referred to mankind as “Homo Habilis.” Did you make up that phrase? Your advice is great and I think I would like other posts you’ve written. I wondered if it was clear that you aren’t entirely joking when you refer to your specifics about what we can do so that we don’t give in every time to having instant gratification. Your writing is fun and kind of helpful, too, but I just didn’t know if you meant every point in your essay to be funny. I think you should take care in your writing that you take yourself seriously, as you are good with the written word and you have a sense of humor, I believe, too. Watch your grammar, too, as your post is a little uneven, but very cool, too. Well done!

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    1. Homo Habilis was one of our earliest ancestors who showed a significant increase in brain size compared to other species. It seemed like a humorous comparison. Writing is one of my biggest passions in life and whether I’m writing something serious or including humour with a “take home” message for my readers it is all important and taken seriously by me. This is my style of writing and the way I present my ideas. I enjoy making it a fun read to keep people reading and what they choose to take out of it is entirely up to them. Whether it was just for the humour or if they read deeper into what I was trying to convey. Writing is an art form and is all in the interpretation of the individual. So many styles with our own voice and personality seeping through our words. I don’t limit myself I just write what I feel. Some of my pieces are humorous some are meant to be thought provoking, I believe I have a good mix. However thank you for the feedback, it’s always appreciated and welcome. I shall be more aware when it comes to my grammar.

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