The Youth of New Zealand

I recently wrote and shared some poetry at a small spoken word gathering (nothing short of terrifying) as it was one of the first poems I’ve actually ever written. WELL not including primary school and my genius Acrostic Poems about Cats.

C – Cuddley Creature

A – Asleep all the time

T – Tickley Fur

S – Soft feet

The poem I wrote and am sharing with you now is a reflection about the reality facing our youth today.

I would climb into cupboards and dream of taking flight, blasting my rocket ship high out of sight. Discovering things never before seen. When we were just kids and encouraged to dream.

When everything and anything was possible and in reach but now what do we have to offer what’s the New Zealand dream? Well kids you should know that the game has slightly changed, you no longer have time to sit around in a daze of what could be and what the future holds. One day you may own your own home, but once your parents have spent their entire life in debt paying off a house that wasn’t worth shit.

You make them give up dreams,

And make them get jobs,

Ensure that a percentage of their earnings are given to the grace of God.

Let the cycle continue, and the struggle remain. Because they’ll never be happy if you keep them caged. Happiness will always be worth more than any monetary value you think you may need to make your family prosper and succeed. So let them have a chance to live out their dream and don’t silence it with your own personal greed.

The struggle isn’t about money, we’ve lost sight of what’s important, and you’re suppressing a volcano that was never meant to be dormant. But they always erupt and not in the way you want because you’re the one who made them give up on their dreams and become a functioning member of society.

When you allow a child to live out a dream now that’s what will change our society. When they have a passion and love for what they choose and you teach them to go for it because there is nothing to lose. Because there really is nothing to lose and everything to gain the type of happiness you just can’t explain now isn’t that worth a whole lot more than making them join the 9 to 5 bore. That is where they’ll always stay because you chose to make them pay. To pay for a life you still wish to have and making them work will give you just that.

What we need are great minds encouraged to express and expand who aren’t going to be quietened by your own personal plan. We need innovators and inventors to express their thoughts and give us new ideas of how we can move forward. To help the rest of us learn that we are more than our past that there are other ways to progress and surpass that won’t cause any more pain or destruction on a society that so often fails the most at risk because they just weren’t worth taking that risk.

So before you decide that the struggle is too much and you lose touch with what really matters because things are getting rough, remember your dreams and where you’d be if only someone gave you the possibilities to succeed.

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