A View on Equality

What essentially makes us superior to all other things that inhabit this earth?

Could it be our opposable thumbs? (The thumbs we use so eloquently while writing our text messages).

Could it be our ability to get in our cars and drive (I don’t know what kind of animal could do that).

Could it be our ability to use that 8am lecture on a Monday you have every week as time to catch up on sleep, and still manage to get that C- at the end of the semester. Turn up to the graduation ceremony to get that degree you worked so hard for.

We may have convinced ourselves that this planet is ours and it belongs to the select few who run it. I can assure you based on this process of thought by no means makes us superior to any other life force on earth and we definitely have no right to be thinking this way.

Here are some real life examples,

That New York subway system or the London Underground could be comparable to the intricate tunneling of an ant colony.

The way we get a trolley in the supermarket and buy our food, could be comparable to the way in which dolphins work together to heard fish ashore so they can feast on them.

How we get in our car to take that 1 minute drive to local dairy to buy a loaf of bread could be comparable to that 120km/h dash a cheetah just ran to take down its prey.

Or how we’ve developed a way of photosynthesising on the surface of our skin creating oxygen, therefore making trees redundant. Oh wait, we actually haven’t done this making trees and plants far more superior then us.

Okay, so I use some pretty extreme examples but I’m trying to convey to you in the most obvious way that despite all our developments and the overt and extravagant ways in which we display these there is an equally just as amazing system created by our “lesser” counter parts (I would argue slightly more complex and intricate then anything we could create or comprehend)

Once we accept and respect that every single life force on earth has a vital role to play in our Eco system, in the functioning of our daily lives and just in general keeping the fine balance of the earth in order we might feel more obliged to care more for what we often take for granted, the earth and what inhabits it (everything that inhabits it).

By no means do we have more of a right to space on earth than anything else, an illusion created by us and enforced by us. Without every other living organism we would cease to exist. They can live without us, most likely thrive without us but us without them, that’s a reality that can only lead to our demise.

They don’t need us to breath.

They don’t need us to eat.

They don’t need us to build their homes.

The trees, the rocks, the water, the animals, the minerals, the dirt, the bugs, any other organism and microorganisms ALL would be fine without us.

Superiority is a delusion. We’re all equal and the earth isn’t something to be conquered. Coexisting sounds like a much better way to thrive in an environment that was never ours to begin with.


    1. Wow!! I enjoy the statement and the comment you made. It does explain so much about how us as individuals can define what Equality really is. So great post and keep up the great work.


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