Meant to be Felt – The Range of Human Emotion

  1. Do not have a bad thought about anyone.
  2. Do not say bad things about others.
  3. Refrain from being negative.
  4. Do not get angry at others.
  5. Don’t show too much happiness around others (people may misinterpret your feelings).
  6. Be positive at all times and wish everyone well.
  7. Most important of all, whatever you do, DO NOT CRY.

This is something I’ve been pondering, and I’m not sure when this way of thinking came about. I think that this is a cultural pitfall we experience here in New Zealand and without a doubt is experienced worldwide. Emotionally stunted, embarrassed to feel, or maybe it’s just a trendy way to live, projecting positivity and being the epitome of happiness with the idea that no matter what happens in this life as long as I project good vibes then good things will happen (I too think like this and enjoy estimating how many karma points I’ve earnt for the day). Now this may all seem well and good and what an invigorating refreshing perspective to have on life and what a great way to live. BUT I think we’re forgetting one key point here, WE ARE HUMAN!

Along with this imperfect aspect we all have in common comes with it all its humanistic down falls (as some people may spin it) because unless you aren’t wishing people well at all times, if you let people get the better of you, if at times you feel a sense of jealousy or disdain or anything along those lines your considered to be a negative presence.

So the moral of this societal tale is don’t you dare feel any other emotion apart from happy and whatever other words come up in the thesaurus under happy. Be grateful for everything that happens to you good and especially bad and do not complain at all, because don’t you know there is someone in this world who has it a lot tougher then you right? WRONG!

We are supposed to experience and express the full range of emotions we have no matter how “ugly” they may appear to others. I can appreciate the desire people have to be the picture perfect positive person but please remember how NORMAL it is to feel all kinds of emotions and know it is okay to do so without people thinking you’re a Negative Nancy. I can’t even begin to explain how important it is for people to own every feeling. If you’re mad then get mad. If you’re sad then be upset (ugly cry if you have to). Don’t hide or suppress these feelings just because it isn’t socially acceptable to express them because I can promise you keeping it in will do more harm than good and its these people who end up becoming deranged and damaged because of all the feelings they withheld.

As humans we feel so many emotions and I employ people to feel these in their entirety because there is nothing wrong with experiencing them and everything wrong with this new age of “positivity at all times don’t let them see you feel anything else” way of being.

Let’s revert to human experiences and show and explain how we feel because this new way of living is a façade and the last time I checked you were human too so don’t expect anything more from others. Feel in its entirety and you may just find there is a lot more room for genuine happiness and a positive outlook.


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