This I Believe

This piece of writing is based on the book “This I believe” a compilation of expressions of core principles that govern your life. Try writing something like this. A lesson you’ve learnt, the one rule you choose to live by, something you believe so strongly in. This was such a good read, and there’s definitely something to be said for sitting and reading people’s beliefs without the ability to rebut. If I can read this, and take in the ideas and opinions of those brave enough to share I can only hope that society can get to a point where we are able to live tolerably and acceptingly side by side in each other’s unique thoughts and ideas.

I believe in the creative forces born from the secrets of the universe.

“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science.”


How much time will I have on this earth? Without this question we may not be propelled to live.

Is there an afterlife? Without this question we may forget to live this life.

Will I find Love? Without this question we may lose hope.

Are we alone in this Universe? I’ll just answer this for you now, NO.

How did humans come to be? Without this question we may lose our creative spirit.

What is the reason for my existence? Without this question we may not learn as much as we could have.

What do you want for dinner? Without this question what reason would we have for indecisiveness?

These are questions that have plagued people since the beginning of time and continue to be just as illusive. These are the questions that our generation and all those before us have struggled to answer. These are the questions that I still ask, that we are no closer to understanding then we were all those years ago.

My take on this is what makes our universe so beautiful is that we don’t have all the answers. Our world and existence takes the top spot for having the best kept secrets of all time. Simply being a human inhabiting this world is a constant reminder that we truly have absolutely no clue what lies beyond the edge of existence. For everything that we don’t know we make up for with creative flare and hunger for knowledge that we harness from the deepest darkest caverns of this existence.

We teeter on the edge of the known and unknown, and instead of being frightened or overwhelmed by the lack of answers we have there is something exciting and wonderful about the creativity and bewilderment born from the abyss. This is when great minds work at their best when any idea could bring us closer to our truth. No matter how outlandish or nonsensical our theory might be it could never be ruled out because there is no evidence to say it can’t be.

I hope we can linger between the realm of not knowing and the all-knowing, I hope that more questions arise and that we continue to seek answers and be guided by the deepest essence of our imagination and let our creative thoughts of existence flow.

If we knew why, we would no longer have a reason.

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