Socially Challenged in a Social World

We’ve never been more connected to the world around us and people have never been more accessible. The click of a button allows us to contact our loved ones, catch up on what our friends are doing, meet new people, online shop, become social networking moguls and keep up with the ever changing cyber landscape of our world.

We busy ourselves with the business people choose to share on their social media accounts. We envy the lives others have and we’re uplifted by other people’s short comings. New waves of thought encourage us not to compare ourselves to anyone and to live our own lives because we are unique beings, yet how can we not compare when it’s been ingrained within societies foundations of entire generations. We scroll, we click, we like, we post and we “interact” with our followers. So what happens when it’s finally time to disconnect? During that half an hour that we get off our phones, just before we’re about to sleep. How do you feel? Content? Fulfilled? More knowledgeable? Or is there a void that you try to constantly fill with meaningless content to pass time. In a world that seems more social then ever I think a lot of people can relate to the feeling of complete and utter loneliness when the lights go down.

What we search for to fill voids online may be as simple as finding meaningful interactions in life. No matter how much we communicate via our devices nothing will ever be able to replicate the physical interactions that take place and the fulfillment we get from these interactions. Humans are social creatures and we deteriorate when left alone for too long. We crave contact with others whether we recognise this or not. The give and take that takes place during a real life conversation is so important and is something we miss when communicating through devices. We learn to pick up on the social cues that we could otherwise miss without the face to face contact. Witty and sarcastic humour can go a miss without variation in our vocal tone, and the explanation of a feeling or emotion will never replace actually expressing this to another human.

As we become more assimilated into an online world chances are that our desire to have direct social interactions with a person may diminish. With a lack of social skills this could greatly avert us from wanting to have a one on one conversation with someone merely because we may not even be capable of doing so. The idea of sitting directly across from someone, and thinking of what to say without having that 2 minute buffer between text messages may eventually be our down fall and terrify many. The thought of looking someone directly in the eyes and telling them about how you feel, or an idea that you have, or your ambitions in life could be nightmarish for most,  merely because we’ve spent so much time gazing into the depths of our screens rather into the souls another being.

In such a connected world I have never craved interaction more. Not just a text, or a like, or a snap but a genuine and meaningful conversation with another human being. Where two people engage on a level deeper than the shallow depths of the society we’ve built. Where not once is another person’s name mentioned out of spite or loathing because there is an absolute infinite number of things to talk about that doesn’t have to include the business of someone who you clearly don’t care much for. Where eye contact is held and it’s as comfortable as sitting on the couch in your cosiest p.js. These are the interactions I live for, and for anyone craving these types of experiences it takes nothing more than finding another longing for the same.

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  1. UUGGHH, talk to me! Finally, someone who’s not afraid to keep it real! Thank you and be affirmed even as you choose to be transparent with your audience…so many are dying inside because of the lack of transparency we see on social media. I recently started following you on social media because as a fellow Pacific Isander I think our stories need to be told and I love that you use humor and adventure as your medium. Growing up in a group culture we can almost take for granted that we’re never alone family is always around. It wasn’t until I became an adult and moved away from home that I realized that most of the world doesn’t have a sense of community. They have to join gyms or take classes to feel connected with their environment, it was such a weird concept to me that people had develop new interests just to gain friends. Loneliness comes in so many forms that if left untreated can lead to isolation and addictive behaviors. Anyways, be affirmed that when you speak truth, it’s recipicated and it won’t return to you void!


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